5% of all Sunscreen Sales go to Mission Blue
5% of all Sunscreen Sales go to Mission Blue
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Founded by Emily Seager in 2017, Zoca Lotion is a California and New York-based sun protection and skincare company. Emily conceived the idea of Zoca Lotion while spending the summer of 2015 living on a small boat in Rockaway, New York where she spent most of her time working and living in the sun. The goal was to create a sunscreen that was effective, safe for the environment, healthy for skin, and made of only high quality plant-derived base ingredients. After a couple years of research and developing formulas in California, Zoca Lotion was ready for FDA lab testing and, eventually, for market. 

Zoca Lotion is dedicated to making quality products using organic cold-pressed, nutrient-rich ingredients. We believe that everyone deserves access to good things and we strive to keep Zoca Lotion affordable without compromising quality. 

We believe that it is our duty to do our best to protect the ocean from chemical and physical pollutants. We are always working to find the most environmentally-responsible packaging available and will always be open to ideas and suggestions for how you feel we can do better. We love hearing from you and we want to know what you think. 

Every batch of Zoca Lotion is handmade in Rockaway Beach, New York.